J. B. Breval - Six Sonates à violoncelle et basso, op. 40

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This edition presents the six sonatas for cello and basso op. 40 by French cellist and composer Jean-Baptiste Breval (1753—1823).

18 June 2020

First Sonata, in C major, published.

One of the most popular sonatas for beginner cellists, widely known thanks to the arrangement for cello and piano by Carl Schroeder (also found in the Fourth Book of the Suzuki Cello Method). 

Part of it has also been re-utilised by L. R. Feuillard in his made-up piece called "Concertino no. 2 by J. B. Breval". 

22 June 2020

Fifth Sonata, in A major, published.

Universally known thanks to the historical performance of a 7-year-old Yo-Yo Ma in front of US President J. F. Kennedy in November 1962, presented by conductor and composer Leonard Bernstein.

From a pedagogical point of view it helps students work on the extended first position. 

26 June 2020

Sixth Sonata, in D major, published. 

Famous for being used by L. R. Feuillard as the first movement of the piece he called "Concerto no. 2 by J. B. Breval". This sonata contains a wonderfully amusing second movement (Rondo).

30 June 2020

Second Sonata, in F major, published.

After the most widely known first sonata, Breval proposes us this second sonata in F major, again in two movements, once more Allegro and Rondo. A strong point in these sonatas is putting more musical interest in the second movements, and this one is no exception, with quite a few clear calls to Haydn, especially op. 76/5. 

Technically this sonata focuses on backward-extended 1st position and then shifts freely up to 4th position, stressing on triplets in the first movement and on quick semiquavers runs in the second.

2 July 2020

Third Sonata, in G major, published.

Sailing away from C major, Breval brings us now to it's dominant, with a luminous and open first movement. Very interesting comes Breval's choice of having all first movement in cut-C time. Also, this is one of the few sonatas of this collection where the first movement is more musically attractive than the second one.

Technically, the young cellist starts working with sixth intervals and with short and fast trills. Fast 16th-note runs make the Rondo a very appealing exercise.

3 July 2020

Fourth Sonata, in B-flat major, published.

We come to the end of this first part of the journey into Breval's cello sonatas by proposing the fourth one, in B-flat major. It is very interesting to see how all these six sonatas are firmly rooted in major keys, with fleeting passages to minor relatives, rigorously during the second movements. 

This Sonata has the longest first movement by far, and also a second movement that sails away from the Rondo form, proposing an Aria (Andantino) with two variations. 

Technically it is quite demanding, possibly the capstone of the sextuplet, coupling a richness in embellishments with long passages in the extended position. 

4 July 2020

All Six Sonatas in a single bundle!

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The solo cello part contains fingering and bowing suggestions by Yuriy Leonovich.

23 September 2020

Updated version

New design, few corrections. 

25 February 2021

Few corrections in Sonata 40/3.

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J. B. Breval - Six Sonates à violoncelle et basso, op. 40

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