Sibelius Template: Stravinsky's Firebird (1919)

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TEMPLATE SERIES for Sibelius Ultimate, EPISODE 1


This is the first installment of a hopefully long series dedicated to making the life of arrangers easier.

The score is presented uncondensed but already has—hidden—all the coupled winds and brass instruments ready for using the Reduce function, along with all instrument changes and strings divisi staves already set.

The layout of the score follows the Boosey & Hawkes score of the 1919 version of Stravinsky’s Firebird Suite and is not only locked in place but has an invisible rhythmic grid at the bottom of the score that makes the bars of the appropriate size. This will allow arrangers who prefer to print their score and work by hand to already have the space perfectly laid out for them.

This document comes in three versions with different music and text fonts, in order to satisfy a broader audience's taste! 

If you find any issue in the score please drop me a message here on Gumroad and I will gladly correct and update this template free of charge.

If you have some feature requests and/or would like to suggest future pieces in this series, they are all welcome!

Version History


Following your requests, I am adding the full engraving files for the 1919 version of the Firebird Suite. This is possible thanks to this version of the Firebird Suite being public domain in the USA (where Gumroad is based) and Canada. Before purchasing this, consult with your local copyright authority to be sure that you are allowed to use it in your country. For reference, this piece will enter public domain in the EU in 2042. Neither I nor Gumroad will be held responsible for any inappropriate usage of this material.

I have separated the piece in four parts, plus one bundle containing all of them at a discounted price. For reference, the creation of this material took about 100 hours of work, so make your own calculations to see whether this is a good deal of not!

Condensed instruments in the score (e.g.: Flute 1,2) will have their part already separated and hidden in the appropriate instruments so you will be able to copy this into your own arrangements very quickly.

If you find any mistake, or if you have any suggestion, please contact me and I will update the material at once.


Empty template released.

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Three .sib (Sibelius) documents and one .rtf README file

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Sibelius Template: Stravinsky's Firebird (1919)

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I want this!