Dotzauer, J. J. F. — Twelve Pieces for two Cellos, Op. 156

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The Twelve Piecesfor Two Cellos, containing National Songs & Fugues, Op. 156 by J. J. F. Dotzauer (1783—1860) are possibly the most enjoyable duet collection of the five. Six pieces are fugues, and six are national airs, masterfully arranged for two cellos. Among them we even find the French national anthem, labelled “La Marseillaise ou la Caramagnole”, whose story I had a lot of fun unearthing.

All duets are written in bass clef, even if one of them goes up to the sixth position. They are perfect for student concerts or just for learning a few beautiful popular songs, all while travelling the world. From Ireland to Boemia, from France to Scotland, it will be an unforgettable journey!

This edition is offered in two versions, Original & Collector’s Edition.

The Original version is available in either of the following variants: score only, parts only, and score & parts. It is based on the first edition published by Dotzauer at Breitkopf & Härtel in 1839.

The Collector’s Edition adds the new edition of these pieces appeared in the 1890s under the revision of Carl Hüllweck (1852—1910), as well as the first duet as it appears in the 57 Little Duets compiled by Johannes Klingenberg (1852—1905). As a bonus, a copy of the Urtext version with my personal suggestions is also included.

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Dotzauer, J. J. F. — Twelve Pieces for two Cellos, Op. 156

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