Dotzauer, J. J. F. - Twelve Original Pieces for two cellos, Op. 58

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The Twelve Original Pieces for Two Cellos, dedicated to beginners, op. 58, by Justus Johann Friedrich Dotzauer, are a beautiful collection of short duets, perfectly suited to be used both in the classroom and in the concert hall. While the first cello is clearly written to play the role of the protagonist, the second cello is not relegated to a mere accompaniment seat. As usual with Dotzauer, something that may have contributed to these gems remaining unearthed until now, these pieces do not follow an ascending order of difficulty. They are more or less equivalent in requiring up to the fourth position and not too many double stops, with some interesting bowing patterns here and there. Many forms are covered (there is even a fugue!), and none of them is in a slow tempo.

This edition is made up of a 72-page book, in both PDF and EPUB form, enriched with interactive elements that make navigation a breeze. Additional PDF files for the score and the two cello parts are also included. It is an Urtext edition, in that it fully respects the composer's original text. Any correction to clear mistakes and/or editorial addition will be enclosed in square brackets.

I hope you will enjoy every note of it!

March 3, 2022 — v. 1.1

  1. Complete redesign of the EPUB version: now also this version will be perfectly crispy, at any zoom level.
  2. Minor updates for the suggested bowings to n° 1, 2, and 10
  3. Corrected a mistake in n° 9 and a slurring mistake in n° 11

May 13, 2023 — v 2.0

  1. Updated to the latest design of the publishing house, to get ready for the printing run
  2. Few notes corrected, listed in the new version of the Editorial Notes
  3. FOUR NEW VERSIONS added in the new, shiny Collector's Edition. All those who already purchased this will get automatically upgraded to it! This includes, beside the Urtext version, the Janet & Cotelle, Klingenberg, and Hullweck versions, plus another one with my personal performance suggestions.
  4. Promotional video (see below)

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Dotzauer, J. J. F. - Twelve Original Pieces for two cellos, Op. 58

0 ratings
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