Dotzauer, J. J. F. — Twelve Original Pieces for Two Cellos, Op. 52

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The Twelve Original Pieces for Two Cellos, Op. 52 by J. J. F. Dotzauer (1783—1860) leave behind the comfort of the first four positions of the left hand, venturing, thus, into the intermediary ones. They provide the perfect follow up to the previously published Op. 58 and Op. 159. In this collection, students will be able to enjoy no less than five fugues for two cellos, a genre seldom faced before one get to practice J. S. Bach’s 5th Suite for cello solo.

This edition is offered in two versions, Basic & Collector’s Edition. The Basic version can be purchased in either of the following variants: score only, parts only, score and parts. It is based on the first edition published by Dotzauer at Breitkopf & Härtel in the 1820s. The Collector’s Edition adds the version of these pieces as it appears in the 57 Little Duets compiled by Johannes Klingenberg (1852—1905), and published at the end of the XIX century.

v2 announced!

On December 21, 2022, the updated second edition was released. Changes:

  • Corrected a mistake in Cello 2 part of Piece No. 7 (bar 20) in both Urtext and Klingenberg parts.
  • Added a new version to the Collectors' Edition, containing my personal fingering and bowing suggestions. While Dotzauer's original version is quite playable, I sometimes found the need to be more specific and/or clear.
  • Updated the product to the new design which will go into print and distribution in Q1 2023, including the new cover design! Now the back cover includes a QR code for navigating directly to the mailing list subscription page.

Everyone who bought this edition as v1 on or before December 20, 2022, got their purchase automatically upgraded to the Collectors' Edition, as a sign of gratitude for your support and feedback!

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Dotzauer, J. J. F. — Twelve Original Pieces for Two Cellos, Op. 52

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