Michele Galvagno
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Creating musical scores at a professional level is an ART. It requires an enormous amount of time after the initial stage where basic notational elements are typeset.

Software defaults, no matter how detailed, can bring you only so far.

  • Each slur needs to be carefully designed, and then checked in separate parts to account for different page and staff sizes.
  • Every fingering needs to be placed so that it avoids all collisions and gives the clearest reading experience to the player.
  • Special symbols and dedicated techniques need to be designed one by one outside of the notational software.

The result of all this is a score that is both crystal clear to read, beautiful to hold, and that breathes life into its music!

Each tier of support gets:

  • an ascending degree of discount on all scores
  • a choice of free scores up to the amount stated in the tier's description after one year of continuous subscription, or after the payment of the yearly amount
  • Romberg tier and up: the supporter's name in the Contributors page of each edition published during the month when the support was active
  • Dotzauer tier and up: monthly group Zoom call of 30 mins to nurture our community
  • Navarra tier: monthly 1h-long 1-to-1 call with me, that may include a cello or music engraving lesson

Thank you to all those who will decide to support my journey!


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