J. B. Breval - Six Sonates à violoncello et basso, op. 28

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J. B. Breval - Six Sonates à violoncello et basso, op. 28

Michele Galvagno
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This edition presents the six sonatas for cello and basso op. 28 by French cellist and composer Jean-Baptiste Breval (1753—1823). 

16 June 2020

First Sonata, in D major, published (updated on August 26th)

Its second movement (Rondo) is what Louis Feuillard used to arrange the Rondo of the so-called Second Concerto by Breval. This Critical Edition repairs this by publishing a version faithful to the text and to the composer's intent. 

The solo cello part contains fingering and bowing suggestions by Yuriy Leonovich.

Available with parts or performing score as separate purchases or with a bundle containing both scores and parts together. Both versions are offered in A4 and in 9 x 12 formats to satisfy both EU and US cellists.

25 August 2020

The whole six sonatas, published!

Critical notes, commentaries, urtext score, annotated parts! All included! Browse the preview pages for a sneak peak!

The first sonata published as standalone will be shortly updated and also separate editions for Sonatas 2-6 will be available. 

We are discontinuing the "Parts only" / "Score only" separation, leaving instead only the bundles (at the same prices as before). 

27 August 2020

Second Sonata, in C major, separate product. Score & parts (no introduction nor editorial notes and critical comments). 

28 August 2020

Third Sonata, in A major, and Fourth Sonata, in G major, separate products. Score & parts (no introduction nor editorial notes and critical comments).

9 September 2020

Fifth Sonata, in B-flat major, and Sixth Sonata, in F major, separate products. Same as the previous ones. 

Air de Marlborough, op. 13. Separate product. 

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