Dotzauer, J. J. F - Twenty-four Pieces for Two Cellos, Op. 159

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The Twenty-four Pieces for Two Cellos, dedicated to the very beginners, Op. 159, by Justus Johann Friedrich Dotzauer (1783—1860) conclude the collection of the five books of cello duets started with Op. 52 eighteen years before.

This is the first collection able to address cellists who are beginning their musical journey using the cello as their first instrument, something that wasn’t possible before due to the lack of small cellos. They cover a wide variety of techniques for both hands and are, most interestingly, arranged to include all possible keys, making this a not-too-subtle homage to J. S. Bach’s Well-Tempered Keyboard.

It contains four separate versions:

  1. The Urtext based on Breitkopf & Hartel’s first edition
  2. The revision by Carl Hüllweck
  3. The revision by Johannes Klingenberg
  4. The Editor’s version, based on the Urtext, with additional fingering and bowing suggestions

They are available as Standard and Collectors’ Editions, with the former containing only the Urtext and the latter including everything together.

I truly hope you are going to enjoy this beautiful music and that your cello playing will reach new heights thanks to it!

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Dotzauer, J. J. F - Twenty-four Pieces for Two Cellos, Op. 159

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