Music Notation Proofreading

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In a musical world increasingly invaded by quantity over quality, I realised I had to do something, that all my years of experience as a musical typesetter and score designer had to bring somewhere.

That is why I decided to offer a new service to composers, arrangers, teachers, and all musicians who create scores for their work, or even just for their leisure. It’s called MUSIC NOTATION PROOFREADING, and it will be available starting today. How will it work?

  1. The composer/arranger will send me a PDF of the music they have already typeset in their software of choice.
  2. They will describe to me what they are eagerly awaiting to achieve.
  3. We will, together, discuss a budget or a level of details that they would be comfortable with.
  4. I will then move to my iPad and mark up their PDF with all kind of details that, I think, would improve their score. I would make several copies of it, annotating on each of them different kind of suggested improvements.
  5. Finally, I will send the annotated PDF(s) back to them and, at this point, they will be free to go on and improve their score in total autonomy.

Of course, if the composer/arranger thinks that I should take their engraving file and improve it myself, that kind of service is still available as it has always been, no change in there. If they’d rather organise a lesson or two on the software they used to create their score, perhaps with screen-sharing, that will also be possible.

In the end, I am at your and your music’s service!

Why do I think this is a great opportunity? Because it’s pedagogical, because you will learn something, and I will learn alongside you how to best help you achieve your musical goals. In the end, we will all win here, and your music will look so good that everyone will want to play it.

Upon booking one hour of service you will be redirected to my website's contact form, from where we will be able to start. If I don't hear from you in a reasonable amount of time, I will contact you at the email address used for the purchase.

If the proofreading requires more time, I will let you know before continuing, while if I took less time than expected, you will be given the choice of A) keeping that time for a future session or B) getting a partial refund. It will be completely flexible!

I truly hope you will love this!

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One hour of PROOFREADING time

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Music Notation Proofreading

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I want this!