BLACK FRIDAY Piatti Bundle

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BLACK FRIDAY Piatti Bundle

Michele Galvagno
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This product bundles together all Piatti's publications so far!

In its first edition—2022—it will contain the following pieces, in a heavily discounted bundle:

  1. Capriccio op. 25 n° 7 for cello and piano (arr. Piatti)
  2. Quartettino "In Vacanza" for four cellos
  3. Pioggia d'Aprile, for cello and piano
  4. Elegia sulla Morte di Antonio Rubinstein, for two cellos
  5. The Race "La Corsa", for cello and piano
  6. Rossini-Piatti Soirées Musicales for cello and piano
  7. Bach, J.S. - Suite I for cello solo (piano accomp. by Piatti)

This offer will be live from today, Saturday 19th, 2022, up until December 4th, 2022.

It will not be available in any other time of the year!

PS: if you already own some of these, or would just like to upgrade to the Collectors' Edition, drop me a message with your proof of purchase and I will send you a discount code!

This product is not currently for sale.

PDFs of all the offered editions!

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