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Announcing the BACK TO SCHOOL 2022 Sale!

Dear all,

I am thrilled to announce the launch of my yearly BACK TO SCHOOL sale!

This will apply to all the products in my catalogue (which you can find here, btw, constantly updated!) and net you a 10% discount! Do not wait, then, because it will run from today until September 30th!

To take advantage of it, select the product you're interested into, and add the code bts-2022 at checkout!

But that's not all: if you join my mailing list you will get:

  • a monthly newsletter
  • weekly gifts (excerpts from my scores and exclusive discounts for when this promotion is not running)
  • a bigger BACK TO SCHOOL discount of 15%! —and yes, if you want you can also just join the mailing list to profit from the discount, then leave it just after getting what you want!
    I will be sorry if you do, but I cannot force you to stay!

If you are already on my mailing list, you will receive another e-mail 1 hour after this one with your discount included within.

As always, you can contact me through Gumroad, through my website, or through social media. I am always glad to talk with you and to engage with my audience!

Thank you for reading through this, and feel free to share this email to anyone in your address book!

Yours musically!



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