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Artistic Black Friday 2021

Dear all,

it is that time of the year again, and I was tying my hands to not anticipate this.

From Today, Monday the 22nd of November, to next Monday, November 29th, all my scores and tools will be on sale in my biggest discount initiative ever. In the promotional code field that appears when you are purchasing, simply insert the code "b-friday21" (without double quotes) to be offered a 21% discount on everything!

These coupons have no limits, so if you personally know someone who would be interested in any of my products (for example a school, a teacher, a fellow engraver, musicians, anyone!), feel free to share this code around.

Now for a few updates:

  • I have noticed that of all 100+ of you, only 2 have left a review after purchasing a score or a notational tool. It would really help a lot, if you liked what you got, to give it a 5-star review, as it would immensely help its visibility. If, instead, you didn't like something, please contact me directly as many of you have already done! I am creating all this alone, and I have been offering lifetime promo codes to those who helped me improve.

  • I wanted to send the Black Friday discount code only to those who followed me here on Gumroad but, again, of all of you, no one is following the page so, it would have been a pretty big hole in the water. I would really appreciate it if you would not mind signing up here as I am planning to create more offers and, especially, free content, only for those who subscribe.

  • Talking about free products, I am currently preparing three of them. They will all go for sale as well, but for those who follow me they will be completely free. So, please spread the word with your friends and peers!

That's it for today, I hope you will be enjoying your Thanksgiving break if you celebrate it and that you are having a great time otherwise, but most of all, I hope you and all your dear ones are healthy and safe!

Thank you for reading!


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