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Happy Birthday Bréval! — ERRATA CORRIGE!


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Michael Verive

All of the links only link to Opus 40. Please fix them!

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Michele GalvagnoCreator

Thank you for reporting this! This is indeed strange, since all links are clearly different (look at the part that changes before the discount). I will see what I can do, stay tuned!

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Michele GalvagnoCreator

Ok, it seems the links are truly broken beyond my understanding. I have contacted Gumroad but I don't want you to wait for them. The public post is now updated with working links to the products (I've tested them, they should work now, please let me know if they don't). Problem is: now the links are not discounted and you need to add the code "HappyBirthdayBreval" manually. I'm sorry for the inconvenience. I will now send a new email with the correct links, since I cannot correct sent email. Thank you for letting me know about the problem!

Happy Birthday Dotzauer!

Happy Birthday Carlo Alfredo Piatti (b otd 1822)

ASE Express!

New Edition: Beethoven's Egmont Overture arranged for 8 cellos


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