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NEW EDITION: J. J. F. Dotzauer - Twenty-four Exercise for two cellos, Op. 159

The fifth edition of 2022 is out, and its size only partly justifies the incredible amount of time which was required for its realisation: I am proud to present you with the Twenty-four Exercises for Two Cellos, Op. 159, by Johann Justus Friedrich Dotzauer (1783—1860).

This is the second edition dedicated to the German master, and accompanies Op. 58—published just two months ago—completing with them the journey through the first four positions of the left hand of the cello.

Two scale-based exercises, six simple ternary forms, twelve rounded binary forms, one fantasy, and three fugues (!) offer everything a cello teacher can wish for to challenge, inspire, and help their students grow! After these two collections, your students will be able to face greater challenges with renewed strength and assertiveness.

Due to the lack of the original manuscript, lost during Steiner & Bell’s acquisition of Augener & Co., this edition is based on the sole two surviving editions, by Carl Hüllweck and Johannes Klingenberg, both published in the first decade of the XX century, about 40 years after Dotzauer’s passing.

To provide you with the greatest flexibility and choice possibilities, this edition comes in several versions:

  • a score-only one, based on Hüllweck;
  • two separate sets of parts, one per editor;
  • a score & parts bundle, based once more on Hüllweck;
  • Finally, a Collector’s Edition, containing all this, plus a long chapter comparing all differences between Hüllweck’s and Klingenberg’s versions, and an interactive PDF where, at the press of a button, you will be able to switch to the other version of the current part!

I truly hope you are going to enjoy this beautiful music and that your cello playing will reach new heights thanks to it!

Score and parts available here:

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Excerpt from No. 6 in B minor

Excerpt from No. 16

Excerpt from the Editorial Notes (Preface)

Excerpt from the interactive Table of Contents

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