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NEW EDITION: Vivaldi Nine Cello Sonatas (RV 39-47)

Antonio Vivaldi’s Cello Sonatas occupy a special place in every cellist’ heart and they deserve the best possible treatment in every respect. Throughout the centuries many editions have been published of these works, so adding a new one to the mix may seem superfluous, unless it offers something unique.

This Critical Performance Edition closely follows the three manuscripts that history allowed to survive until today, and yet gives the player the possibility to choose between the different sources in a way not possible before. It comes in several versions:

  1. an unmarked score and parts bundle (130 pp.)
  2. a stylistically accurate keyboard realisation of the continuo line, alongside an annotated cello part by Yuriy Leonovich (117 pp.)
  3. a combination of 1) and 2)
  4. a score containing the alternative sources (22 pp.) available offered alongside version c) or separately if you just want to compare it with other editions you already have.

They all come in press quality PDF with interactive table of contents to allow you a seamless navigation through its pages.

It is a truly unique edition and I am sure you will love it.

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